Convert Big Data into Security Visibility

Big Data Dilemma: Lack of Security Visibility

After years of deploying traditional security point-products, log management tools, and security information and event management systems (SIEMs), many organizations still find themselves asking basic visibility questions, including:

  • How many security events have we had in the last 36 hours, and against how many unique employees, contractors, and guests have they been distributed?
  • Are we seeing any data usage policy violations, and if so, how frequently are they occurring?
  • How many employees are using Dropbox or other cloud-based services that could lead to data policy violations, or worse, pathways for malicious executables to enter our organization?
  • Do we have any idea what the distribution of users from around the world might be against our critical applications?

Most organizations have big data security in place. But they can’t see the forest for the trees. They continually find themselves starved for actionable intelligence when it comes to security threat analysis.

Actionable Security Intelligence from Big Data Security Analytics Software

Click Security is able to automatically produce flexible and fast insight into log, network, and artifact data that presents how your IT assets are being used – whether in benign, suspicious, or unknown fashion – from a security point of view. An interactive table, histogram, fanout and other forms of visualizations bring knowledge and understanding to analysts – fast and easy.

While traditional systems like SIEMs are capable of storing years’ worth of logs for compliance management purposes, they typically lack the flexibility and/or performance required to produce the configurable visualizations necessary for the security analyst to do true analysis. SIEMs force the analyst back into the role of “data scientist” – where raw data must be retrieved, augmented, sorted, filtered, and made graphically appealing through complex, disparate batch processed scripts that are difficult to write, require hours to run, and are in most cases better left to vendor professional services – which is extremely costly. The time, energy and money required to achieve visibility into the IT environment in this manner is so onerous, it just gets written off as having an opportunity cost too high to pursue.

Real-time Enterprise Security Visibility

The beauty of Click Security’s real-time security analytics is that the value that exists within and across logs, network traffic, and granular artifact data can now be unlocked and easily converted to informational pictures that are useful to security analysts, security management, and C-suite executives:

  • Analysts are provided with a live dashboard of key activity indicators, the ability to easily request tailored data sets for fast visualization, pivoting between multiple graphical views of a data set as well as the data set itself, and the ability to capture a query-based URL that can be shared other users so that second opinions are easily shared
  • Security business managers are able to maintain an at-a-glance view of key security metrics being surfaced by analytics that constantly comb the IT environment for ‘disturbances in the force’ that range from “interesting, I’ve never seen that”, to “that appears suspicious” to “that should not be happening.”
  • CISOs and other C-level executives not close to day-to-day details can gain insight into the organization’s business from a completely different perspective – one they are increasingly aware can put them on the front page of a news site for all the wrong reasons

Big data security analytics software is a means, not an end. Only when organizations quickly and easily convert data into actionable intelligence does more security data become valuable. Click Security’s real-time security analytics are able to provide deep and broad insight, as well as quickly adapt to evolving constituent needs.