Management Team

Marc Willebeek-LeMair

Marc Willebeek-LeMair, CEO and Founder

Marc Willebeek-LeMair is a 20-year veteran of the tech industry. From 2005-2009, he served as CTO of 3Com with responsibility for product management, product engineering, marketing and strategy. He arrived at 3Com through the acquisition of TippingPoint, where he helped pioneer Intrusion Prevention Systems for network security. In 2001, as CTO, Marc co-founded TippingPoint and assumed a broad range of responsibilities that included both technology and marketing as well as the creation of the Digital Vaccine security research group. Prior to that, he spent 10 years at the T.J. Watson Research Center of IBM. Marc received a doctorate in electrical engineering from Cornell University in 1990 and a bachelor degree in Computer and Electronic Engineering from George Mason University in 1985. He has 20 patents and has published more than 50 articles.  He is an avid soccer and tennis player and proud father of four boys!

Brian Smith

Brian Smith, CTO and Founder

Brian Smith co-founded TippingPoint Technologies in 2001. He was TippingPoint’s Chief Architect from 2001-2009 and Chief Technology Officer in 2009. While at TippingPoint he helped establish the company as the premier vendor of intrusion prevention system (IPS) solutions. Prior to TippingPoint, Smith received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley in 1994 and was the Xerox Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University until 1998. He holds 12 patents and is a fellow of the Alfred P. Sloan foundation. An industry expert, Smith is the author of 18 journal and book articles and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

Kit Webster

Kit Webster, CFO and Vice President Click Labs

Kit Webster was the President of TippingPoint Technologies at its founding. He has been CEO and CFO of publicly - and privately - held companies, combining technical, business, and financial knowledge. Kit earned a Master of Electrical Engineering degree from Rice University, is a CPA, and lectures in entrepreneurship and corporate change at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business.

Neal Hartsell

Neal Hartsell, Vice President Marketing and Product Management

Neal Hartsell brings over 25 years of strategic marketing, product marketing, and product management experience in introducing new products across enterprise and carrier-class network, security, and video processing markets. Neal has held Vice President of Marketing or Business Development positions at RGB Networks, RipCode, TippingPoint, 3Com, Crossroads Systems and Surgient Networks. Additionally, he has held senior product marketing management positions at Cisco Systems, ECI Telecom, Northern Telecom, and NetSpeed - an ADSL start-up acquired by Cisco Systems in 1998. He has owned and operated two marketing consulting firms targeted at helping technology startups. Neal earned a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of North Carolina and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University.

Lars Ewe

Lars Ewe, Vice President Engineering

Lars Ewe runs Engineering at Click Security. He joined Click from National Instruments, where he was the Chief Security Architect, responsible for NI's overall product security efforts. Prior to NI, Lars was the CTO / VP of Engineering at Cenzic, Inc, a leader in the application security space. He's also held senior management roles at AMD, Borland, Oracle Corp, and WebGain. He earned his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Munich, Germany. Lars is an industry expert in web application and network security, author of a number of journal articles, and frequent speaker at industry conferences.

Preston Lawhorne

Preston Lawhorne, Senior Vice President of Sales

Preston Lawhorne is a 40 year tech veteran with experience in building sales strategy and successfully executing go to market plans. Building some of the industry’s most successful “high octane” security sales teams, he has held key leadership roles in businesses including Burroughs/Unisys, Data General/EMC, Oracle, McAfee – and security startups including TippingPoint and LogRhythm.

James Hamilton

James Hamilton, Corporate Advisor

James Hamilton has been in the tech industry for over 25 years. Most recently, he was CEO of CPSG Partners, a professional services and consulting company focused on security and enterprise applications. He has spent the past 10 years in security-related companies beginning with his role as President and COO then CEO of TippingPoint from 2003 to 2009; followed by two years at SafeNet, Inc. as EVP of Corporate Development leading M&A and Strategic Alliances. James was named President and CEO of Efficient Networks in 2002 (acquired by Siemens, AG) after running both global sales and development teams as COO. James also held executive positions with Picazo Communications (acquired by Intel in 1998), Compaq, Networth (acquired by Compaq in 1995), 3Com and Grid Systems. James is a member of several industry-related boards, both public and private. James graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Lawrence Technical University.