• Close the Risk Gap with
    Real-time Security Analytics

    Detect, understand, and respond to targeted, advanced
    and commodity malware – before it is too late.

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    Close the Risk Gap with Real-time Security Analytics
  • Force Multiply the Analyst with
    Real-time Security Analytics

    Visibility, automated alert contextualization, detection of
    missed attack activity, and the ability to hunt the unknown.

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    Empower the Analyst with Real-time Security Analytics
  • Take Back Your Network with
    Real-time Security Analytics

    Combine focus, speed and collaboration to regain visibility
    and control over a difficult to manage attack surface

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    Take Back Your Network with Real-time Security Analytics

Convert "Security Big Data" into Actionable Security Intelligence with Click's real-time security analytics solution.

The variety, volume, veracity, and velocity of data is simply too great for traditional computing or human analysis approaches to keep up. According to ESG, 47% of large organizations collect 6TB or more of data on a monthly basis to support their information security risk analysis needs. This "security big data" is only helpful when combined with real-time security analytics to create actionable intelligence around network behavior, network state and security intelligence. Click’s real-time big data security analytics software and Click Labs’ constantly-evolving expertise can empower your organization with accurate, actionable cyber threat intelligence. Learn more about RtSA »

39% of organizations don’t have the security staff or expertise to spot anomalies until months after the fact!

In a world where data breaches make front page news, your exposure has never been greater…or the threat more real. Where does your organization fit on the Security Intelligence Maturity Curve? Is your security strategy based on compliance and investigating known and unknown threats, or are you hunting down advanced persistent threats and attackers? How can Click’s real-time security analytics software and cyber threat intelligence help your organization move up the curve and prevail against opposing forces? Learn more about the Security Intelligence Maturity Curve »

Security Analysts today say they are challenged because incident detection involves too many manual processes.

As a security analyst, you are probably stretched pretty thin between security log analysis, running security device alerts to ground and investigating anomalies. What if you could automate that work to free up your time to focus on what really matters—spotting and eliminating advanced threats and attackers? Click here to read more about how Click’s automated, real-time security analytics solution can provide your organization with visibility into your network and how our APT analysis can help you prevail against opposing forces. Learn more about our big data security analytics technology »

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